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Questions & Answers

Q: Why should I use

A: Quality Design
     Quality Print
     Quality Materials
     Quality Installation
     Are all critical components of a wrap, if you lack any of these critical links your chain will break.

Q: How important is Design?

A: This is the 1st of the Critical components and arguably the most important. If you do not have a good design you are loosing business and debasing your companies' image value.

Houston Wraps - Swanson - Trailer Wrap

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Q: Is the type of ink you use important?

A: This is one of the least asked but one of the most important questions
    We use “Full Hard Solvent” Triangle™ ink
    Not Solvent
    Not Light Solvent
    Not Eco Solvent
    Not Almost Full Solvent
    This gives the longest durability (fade resistance). Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Design time usually takes between 4 & 14 days, depending on complexity and changes. After approval of the layout, the wrap is usually Installed within 7 days. We usually need your Vehicle in our shop for 3 to 5 days.

Houston Wraps - WSI - Wireline Truck Wrap

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Q: I want a wrap but I don’t know what to put on it!

A: Our Wrap Experienced Designers will create for you a Professional - Attention Getting - Effective design.  Most of our customers use our designs in their other forms of advertising (signs, web site, brochures, etc.).

Q: How much input should I give you in the design process?

A: We have been in the outdoor advertising business for over 25 years and we have over 75 years combined design experience (Let us do what were good at). But you are the boss, we are here to help you achive the company image you want.

Houston Wraps - Texas A&M Texarcana - Trailer Wrap

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Q: How long will the wrap last?

A: With proper care your wrap will last (and still look good) for 5-7 years.

Q: Can the wrap be removed later?

A: Yes, the 3M® material/laminate that we use does no damage and actually protects the original factory paint job, "freezing-the-paint in time".

Q: Is removing the wrap difficult?

A: Not with the proper tools and know how that comes from removing them. Most of our wrap removals are completed in 1 day, leaving behind your frozen-in-time factory paint job.

Houston Wraps - Home Watch - Van Wrap

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Q: Can I pressure wash my wrap?

A: No, improper use of a pressure washer or even some car washes can damage your wrap, it is just not worth the risk. So you should hand wash with pride.

Q: Does the vehicle color matter?

A: Not on full wrap. In fact, many of our customers save time & moneywhen purchasing their vehicles because they don't have to worry about matching colors. Their fleets still come out looking the same.

Houston Wraps - Admiral Air Conditioning - Truck Wrap

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