Vehicle Wraps Houston – Printing Information


Top of the Line Materials:
  • Full Hard solvent Ink
  • Premium 3M vinyl
  • Premium 3M UV blocking film laminate

State-of-the-art high resolution, full hard solvent ink printers. 
            All our wraps are printed in high resolution. This makes your wraps look good up close and it also makes your colors Pop! (more vibrant, Reds are Red’er, Blues are Blue’er, etc. )
Full hard solvent inks give the brightest color and longest durability (fade resistance).
We use full hard solvent Triangle™ inks,

  • Not Solvent
  • Not Light Solvent
  • Not Eco Solvent
  • Not Almost Full Solvent

    This is the tried-and-true, time tested system that works; don’t let anyone tell you differently.

3M® UV blocking film laminate protects your print
            This gives the longest lasting UV protection and scratch resistance against outside elements.
Premium 3M® IJ-180C Vinyl is the state-of-the-art material for vehicle wraps.

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